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Spa Therapy

Not only do we like to pamper you with a spectacular view in the middle of the forest in luxury cabins, but we also know that a spa therapy from the comfort of your cabin is the perfect addition to a vacation where everything is balanced.

Home Spa

Ideal for people suffering from contractures and muscle spasms.


  • $300.000
  • Duration: 60 minutes.


  • Decontracting massage
  • Kit Chamba massage
  • Volcanic stones
  • Hot pindas

Spa Relax

This massage therapy will help you improve insomnia and stress.


  • $270.000
  • Duration: 70 minutes.


  • Aromatherapy
  • Relaxing massage
  • Hydrating mask
  • Volcanic stones
  • Body exfoliation

Bronze Spa

Assisted technique that activates the color of your skin with innovative high-quality products, accelerating the effect with UV rays.


  • $180.000


  • Customized bikini design
  • Melanin activator juice
  • Fruit cup
  • Cryotherapy mask
  • Moon bath


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